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About Us

Established in the south of England, Dystim was founded in 2020 by myself Jon, with the support of my partner Janiene.

We have set out on a mission to make it as easy as possible for people with diabetes to exercise.

Together we have spent years studying and experiencing the positive impact exercise has on diabetes management and mental wellbeing (we appreciate that diabetes can be mentally draining!)

So, where does the passion for diabetes and exercise come from?

The story begins on Christmas Eve 2009 when Janiene was rushed to hospital after a prolonged period of feeling unwell. After a series of tests, it was confirmed that Janiene’s pancreas had stopped producing insulin, she had type 1 diabetes.

There was no warmup, no training and no lessons before diagnosis. An unexpected period of adaptation followed, which started out with a calculation of how much insulin to inject for Christmas Day lunch.

“Diabetes will not, no matter what, prevent me from doing anything” is what Janiene often tells herself, and which we both firmly believe.

It does, however, add an extra challenge to daily activities.

It is a condition that requires 24 hour management, 365 days a year. There is no time off, no holidays, and no switching off from it without risking severe consequences.

Janiene and I are no different to most people our age; we love to travel, go on adventures and try to keep ourselves relatively healthy.

We consider ourselves fortunate that we can do these things, however there are extra barriers involved in these activities, with the unpredictability of diabetes.

Going for a walk, a bike ride, to the gym and even out for drinks must be planned for and calculated.

What if Janiene has a bad hypo when out for a run on her own, what if she forgets her insulin, hypo sweets or blood glucose scanner? What if something happens and she is treated incorrectly? Or cannot treat herself?

These are worst case scenarios and whilst being unlikely to happen, must be planned for as thoroughly as possible. This adds yet another barrier to getting out and being active, but we want to flip this on its head.


Welcome DYSTIM.

We are passionate that all people with diabetes should be reaping the physical and mental rewards of being physically active.

We want to make doing exercise/keeping fit as easy as possible for everyone with diabetes.

We understand the problems.

We understand the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

We want to make your life easier.

Imagine if there were products designed specifically for the needs of diabetics, to make life easier when it comes to taking part in exercise. This is what we set out to achieve.


Dystim will:

Build a community

Encourage sport/exercise participation

Make life easier for people with diabetes

Support diabetics to have a healthy lifestyle

Help you to look after your health until we have a cure.


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